Boho Target Home Finds!
New Boho Opalhouse Home Decor Line At Target via

Y'all ... In case you haven't heard, let me fill you in on some news that's going to make you want to redecorate your entire house ASAP. Target launched a new line full of ALL the boho vibes today called Opalhouse, and it's my new favorite home decor line in the history of forever! 🙌

I had enough tabs open in my browser at 8am this morning to even make myself question what the heck I was doing. That's how good this stuff is! It's a mix between Anthro and Urban Outfitters, and if you've spent any time around here at all, you know that's right up my alley! I ended up with 42 items in my cart, was frantically searching my house for Target gift cards that I knew I had stashed for a reason just like this, and then proceeded to show Sean my cart so he could get my head out of the clouds + help me figure out which of the 20 throw pillows we actually had a place for. 😂 

I ended up ordering my absolute favorites that were available for in-store pick up so I could show you all of this goodness! Here's the stuff that I was able to get my hands on today, and I linked my wishlist stuff, too! 

So, who else wants to totally redecorate their house now? Because I know my hands are raised as high as they'll go. 😂 What are your favorites from the Opalhouse line? Did I miss anything!? Let me know down in the comments. Happy shopping, friends! 

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.