Flowy Tops I'm Loving

Flowy Tops I'm Loving
flowy tops I'm loving, spring style, laid back style via Chelcey Tate www.chelceytate.com

Y'all. The amount of super cute flowy tops in my carts around the internet right now is insane. 😂Does anyone else add a bunch of stuff to your cart, realize you've racked up about $1400 in clothes, and then close out of the page immediately because you have real life responsibilities and bills to pay? 🙈

Well, you're in luck, because today I'm rounding up some of my favorite flowy tops that you definitely need in your life. 😉But don't worry! These are things that will actually end up in your closet, and not pieces that are destined to live and die in your abandoned shopping cart because they're THAT good. 🙌

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, and I'm slowly coming out of hibernation mode, I'm starting to buy things (like this top) that I can wear in public that fit this new mama lifestyle. I can't even begin to tell you how many shirts I've completely stretched out trying to quickly nurse Em. 😂 

Flowy tops have always been my jam. They're super comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and they're honestly a total essential in my closet. Keep on scrolling to see my favorite flowy tops that I'm adding to my closet, and drop a comment below to let me know what your current laid back style essentials are! Hope you find something you love in this little round up! ✌️❤️

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