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Living Room: Christmas 2017

Chelcey Tate
Living Room: Christmas 2017
Chelcey Tate Christmas Living Room Decor

I'm a firm believer that Christmas decor should stay up all year round. The twinkle lights, all of the cozy textiles, and mini trees everywhere are just good for the soul. Well, that sounds kind of dramatic 🙈, but for real. I'm writing this from our living room with the fire going, and I seriously never want to change this room back to normal! This is our first Christmas in our new (first) home, and thankfully most of the decor we bought for the apartment last year worked perfectly. Benefits of keeping a pretty neutral color scheme, y'all! 

I did pick up a few new things since we have a lot more space to fill, but like I mentioned last year, decorating in general is just a (sometimes painfully) slow process. Mainly because home decor is pretty darn expensive, but also because I prefer to buy things that we'll love for years which just takes time when you're starting from scratch! We don't even have our regular everyday life decor completely sorted, so it seemed silly to invest too much into seasonal stuff right now.

For the few things that I did end up snagging ... My momma introduced me to Kirklands right before Em was born, and let's just say that place is DANGEROUS. 😂 Between all of their totally irresistible Christmas stuff + the new Magnolia line at Target, I was set. And also maxed out what I personally wanted to spend this year on holiday decor pretty quickly. 😅 I'm so beyond happy with how everything turned out, though. Especially my favorite little corner that looks like it came straight off of Urban Outfitter's homepage. 😉 

For those of you who are still building up your seasonal Christmas decor, here's one word of advice ... twinkle lights! For real. Add twinkle lights to anything (bonus points for plants), and you immediately set a festive tone. That's what we did in our bedroom, and in certain places in our living room! It totally changes the vibe of your space. These ones from Target are my favorite + they're LEDs so they'll last forever! 

Well, friends ... I hope you love our living room Christmas decor as much as we do! It seriously makes all the difference in getting you in the Christmas spirit to have your home reflect the warmth of this season. It also doesn't hurt that the lights on the tree + in our little fake plant corner totally distract Em when she's fussy. 😉 

P.S. HOW ARE WE ONLY 9 DAYS AWAY FROM CHRISTMAS!? Someone please come over here and help me get my life together. I'm still waiting on gifts to be delivered, still have a few to order (why are dads so stinking hard to shop for!?), and I have yet to even buy any wrapping paper or tape. 😅 Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some major shopping to do ... Thank God for Amazon Prime, am I right!? 🙌

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