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Hey girl, hey! 🙋🏻 I'm so glad you're here. I'm Chelcey - the girl behind all of the lettering at Chelcey Tate Designs, and I want YOU to be one of my CTD Ambassadors! Why, you ask? Well, in short, I love your laid back style, your photography skills are on point, and I just really love sending out happy mail. 😉

So, what does that mean for you? If you're a lover of graphic tees, inspiring home decor, love to laugh, styling photos is one of your favorite things to do, and getting stuff in the mail makes you a little bit more excited than it should, keep on scrolling for more details! 




Frequently Asked Questions


  • A box of 2-4 products sent to your front door for free every time there's a new collection launched
  • Access to a private (and totally uplifting) Facebook group
  • First dibs on everything at CTD
  • A 15% off promo code to share with your people
  • Get 10% paid to you in CASH from every order placed using your promo code
  • The opportunity to collaborate on future products + get paid for your ideas
  • Be entered into a monthly drawing for a $50 gift card of your choice - the more you post, the more entries you receive! 

All I ask in exchange for all of this goodness is for you to take individual photos of each item you receive, and post them to social media within the first three weeks of getting your free stuff! All posts must link back to @chelceytate / #chelceytatedesigns / chelceytatedesigns.com. All photos used in CTD social media campaigns and listing photos will be properly credited + linked back to your account!


Chelcey Tate Designs was founded out of a necessity to create something everyday. This brand of mine has evolved into something I only could have dreamed of when I opened my small print shop on Etsy almost five years ago! I love creating, design, lettering, and typography, and while I love what I do, my goal with every piece I create is to brighten someone's day (living up to that high school superlative win 😉). Whether that be by way of an inspiring art print that helps put things into perspective, or a funny saying on your favorite (insanely soft) tee. My hope is that by seeing, feeling, and experiencing everything I have to offer within my artwork, you stumble upon the inspiration needed to create a life that you get excited to wake up to each and every morning. 



I'm Chelcey! I'm 24 years old, and live in Louisville, KY with my stud of a husband, our sweet rescue pup, and our first baby is due to brighten our lives this August. Most days you can find me working from the couch in yoga pants and a striped tee (serious stripes enthusiast over here!) with some form of caffeine in hand. Technically speaking, I'm a lifestyle blogger, hand lettering artist, shop owner, and full time dream chaser, but in reality? There is so much more to my story than the fancy titles that are used to define what I do; which is what lead me to start sharing my life (and work) online in the first place!

I'm deeply passionate when it comes to how I spend this one life I've been given, and I believe whole heartedly that you should always pursue the things that make you talk a little faster, breathe a little deeper, and make you truly excited to get out of bed every morning. I have a tattoo on my arm that says do what you love, and a year and a half ago I held true to that promise I made myself by quitting my day job to pursue my creative passions full time. It was one of the easiest (and most difficult) decisions I've ever had to make, but if there's anything you can always count on me to do, it's to take a blind leap of faith!

I believe in following the Lord will all your heart, making the most out of this one life you've been given, sleeping in too late, drinking lots of caffeine, loving people to the best of your ability, and being so fiercely passionate about something that you just can't stand to do anything else. This is who I am, and I hope this little peak into my life has inspired you to hang out for a while. Grab a cup of tea, read through a few blog posts, take a look at some of my work, or send me a note just to say hi ... I'm so thankful for the incredible community that I have rallied behind me, and I couldn't do any of this without you! 



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