Emmy's Easter Basket

You want to know the best part of putting together an Easter Basket for a year and a half year old? Getting to go to Target with said baby, and still being able to surprise her the next day even though she definitely saw me put every single one of these items in the cart. 😂

I may have waited until the last minute to put this together, but piecing together little gifts for our girl is one of my favorite things to do. Picking things out I know she’ll love, things that’ll bring her joy, help her learn, help her grow… and the anticipation of waiting to see how excited she’ll be when she randomly gets, in this case, a basket full of all of her new favorite things. It just makes my heart so happy. 🙌😭

Here’s the scoop on what we put in her basket this year! I’m writing this the night before, and I seriously can’t wait to see her reaction in the morning when she sees her little basket. Ugh. I can’t — ok, here’s the good stuff!

Bunny Easter Basket

So dang cute, and also one of the only ones left because did I mention I went shopping the day before Easter? 🙈 It was pouring down rain, and Target was a total madhouse so I definitely don’t recommend it doing that. Hopefully if you’re reading this Easter has already come and gone, OR you’re preparing ahead of time like a normal person. Just know that I envy you because after experiencing a jam packed store / parking lot / all the pre-holiday traffic today I’ve been basically bathing in my stress away roll-on. 😂


Em LOVES coloring, but she also really loves breaking crayons in half and ripping pages out of coloring books. 😂I saw a friend of mine post on instagram earlier this week about an old school etch-a-sketch and the hunt was on. So happy that I was able to find this one for her. It’s literally perfect. 🙌 I couldn’t find it online, but it’s the one from the brand B. Toys at Target!

Jumbo Crayons + Construction Paper

So you know how I said the etch-a-sketch was kind of replacing the crayons and paper Em loves to destroy? Well, think again because who am I to deny a creative girl what she wants? 😂 I’m hoping that these jumbo crayons are a lot harder to break than the normal ones, and I have to admit… coloring is one of my favorite things to do with Em everyday, and we just so happened to run out of a giant pad of construction paper so it was time to replace it anyways. ❤️

Floral Bunny

Would it even be an Easter Basket without a sweet stuffed bunny? I found this one when we were out shopping with my mom about a month ago, and I’ve kept it in our closet ever since! I’m pretty sure hiding gifts in your closet is like a right of passage in the world of parenting so high-five for that one. ✌️This bunny is SO soft, and so pretty, and I love her. I can’t wait to find out what name Em’s going to come up with.


If there’s one thing we can always use more of in our house its books! We read every single one in her collection at least twice a day (per her request) which tells me Em needs a bigger library to choose from. 😉 We picked up 4 different books for her. One of which definitely wasn’t Joanna Gaines’ new children’s book because I know FOR SURE this baby of mine would rip that beautiful piece of artwork to shreds and it would totally break my heart. Dramatic? Probably, but it’s $20 and super pretty and I definitely had to talk myself out of it like three times at Target today. 😂 ANYWAYS. The books we did end up getting for her basket were: I Can Be Anything, This Little Piggy + Bear Hugs!

Sippy Cups

The only thing we need more than books in this house is like a million sippy cups. Real quick question… Why is there never a clean sippy cup with a matching lid when we need it? Oh, yeah. Because we’re kind of the worst about doing the dishes. Duh. 😅My solution? Buy my baby (crazy adorable) sippy cups as a gift so I can add even more to the sink. 🙈 It doesn’t seem like much of a solution, but these were seriously way too cute to pass up. I’m pretty sure this is like the toddler version of getting socks, but I bet you she’ll be super excited about them. 😂

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.