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Weekly Update

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So, I'm sure by now you've noticed how different this little website of mine looks.  I have finally decided to put some energy into really making this whole "being a photographer" thing happen and figured that it was time to spruce things up around here.  What do you think?  :)  P.S.  Please excuse the fact that the "Photos of the Week" feature is missing this week ... For some reason I just totally forgot to take photos!  

Fave Online Finds

1.  DIY Embellished Mini Pumpkins by Time & Turquoise  //  2.  5 Ways to Make Your Morning Better by The Fresh Exchange  //  3.  Tips:  Preserving Your Hairstyle in Your Sleep by Maskcara  //  4.  Embracing The Interim by Darling Magazine

Things I'm Excited About

1.  I ordered a brand new lens last night and it's supposed to be delivered on Saturday.  I can't wait to start playing around with all of the new features that come with having a prime lens!

2.  THIS NEW WEBSITE!  I'm so excited to have finally revealed something that I've spent weeks planning, designing and building.  

3.  We have a busy weekend ahead that includes hanging with Sean's cousin and his wife tonight, my oldest-little sister's senior musical (she's the Tea Pot in their rendition of Beauty & The Beast!) and photo shoots upon photo shoots.  

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