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4 Gifts That Give Back

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The Shine Project  //  I discovered The Shine Project shortly after watching "American Blogger" by Chris Wiegand.  Though I couldn't personally relate to Ashley's story, you could just tell that she was special.  A one of a kind, raw, emotional and honest representation of what blogging is all about.  Ashley runs a company by the name of "Threads by The Shine Project" where each and every purchase helps employee inner city youth.  Her company helps college students in at risk situations have hope in their futures by providing them with a steady income to help pay for college.  From clothing to jewelry, you can find just about anything for the girl on your list who seems to have everything!   

TOMS  //  Not only have I been obsessed with these cute canvas shoes from the beginning, but I love what this company stands for.  One for one.  You buy a pair of shoes and they give a pair to someone in need.  It doesn't get much better than that!  This year, TOMS has partnered with Target to offer a their new line "Target + TOMS".  There are plenty of affordable gifts like candles, mugs, t-shirts and more that follow the same concept as their popular shoes.  You purchase a TOMS product and a part of the proceeds go towards purchasing blankets, meals and shoes to those in need.  

Brim Papery  //  I found Jolie from Brim Papery on Instagram earlier this year and let me tell you, this girl knows what she's doing!  She has built a successful business and is to the point now where she is giving 10% of her monthly revenue to The Hard Places in Cambodia.  This community works to restore the lives of children involved in the sex trade industry.  Having four little sisters, this cause has always been near and dear to my heart.  Jolie has really inspired me to look into doing something similar with my own business.  Not only is she kicking butt in a new business venture and helping those in need, she is also an incredible artist!

Sevenly  //  I discovered Sevenly on Twitter after I saw some people retweeting cute shirts and inspirational quotes in my feed.  I was pleasently surprised when I went to purchase one of their shirts to learn that $7 from each and every purchase is donated to charity.  They choose many different causes throughout the year and have helped 1,363,512 people so far with their efforts.  Sevenly has everything from men and women's clothing, accessories and prints.  Check them out!

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