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Weekly Update + Happy Birthday Sean!

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Today is my sweet fiance's 23rd birthday.  Last night at 11:55pm I went upstairs where he was playing Xbox to sit and wait with him until midnight when the glowing screen on his phone read December 19th.  Well, the clock struck midnight and Sean insisted that we had to wait until 12:01.  Totally confused, and assuming there was a method to this madness, I sat there patiently for 30 seconds before asking why in the world we were waiting until 12:01.  Apparently, according to Sean, it's not technically the next day until that time.  Well, I corrected that mistake real quick.  :)  At midnight his phone read December 19th and so December 19th it was.  When I asked him if he felt any older as I do every year, he said no, and I beg to differ.  I feel like he's older.  Something about 23 vs 22 seems older to me, ya know?  Now that I've told you a story that was probably much better in my head and in the moment, here's to wishing a happy birthday to my love and my best friend!

Fresh Off The Press!

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Things I'm Excited About

1.  Sean is playing a gig at a local bar tonight with his cousin and one of his good friends.  I'm so excited for all three of these boys, but especially Sean, for stepping up and playing out!  They are all so talented and Sean's cousin's wife (say that three times fast) just so happens to be a good friend of mine + my little sister is coming, too.  It's guaranteed to be a great time with awesome music.

2.  I am officially almost finished with all of my Christmas shopping.  Being the last minute girl that I am I tend to, well, wait until the last possible minute.  I have four more people to shop for and the rest are in the mail on the way to me!  This weekend is going to involve some serious gift wrapping.

3.  Since today is jam packed with work and Sean's gig tonight, we're doing all of his "official" birthday celebrating tomorrow.  Hello, Wild Eggs!  Brunch is my favorite.  Speaking of, isn't this shirt perfect?   

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