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Weekly Update

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Fresh Off The Press!

1.  Love Lives Here  //  2.  Home Sweet Home  //  3.  Baby It's Cold Outside  //  4.  Better Late Than Never

Fave Online Finds

1.  "4 Fun Ways To Strengthen Your Faith" by Dale Partridge  //  2.  "Family Affair With Haute Look" by Cara Loren  //  3.  "Shei" by Ben Sasso  //  4.  "Shop Local Christmas Guide" by Jasmine Dowling

Three Random Things

  1. Kodah is now fully convinced that a piece of ice is a treat.  He sits and waits for it an everything!
  2. If you were to walk into my house and look in my freezer at any point in time within the last two weeks you would find a bag of Reese's Cups.  No shame here!  Those things are delicious.
  3. The office for my day job sits right next to a quarry where they do regular "blasts" as they like to call them.  What does this mean, you ask?  It means like twice a day our entire building shakes as if a bomb just went off next door because, well, one did.  Even though I know to expect them at the same time everyday, it still startles me every single time.
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