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10 Inspiring Home Offices + Studios

Chelcey Tate2 Comments

One of the rooms that I've been putting off on decorating since we moved in has been my office. It's basically turned into a mini apartment for Kodah with an expedit shelving unit and a desk.  Don't get me wrong, but I can't imagine my dog is going to get much work done nor has a real purpose for a desk ... 

With the recent renewal of our lease for another year, I have finally decided it's time to invest in some quality pieces that make me happy and make it this dream of an office space happen!  When I'm working from home I'm either printing and packaging prints at our dining room table, or I'm lounging on the couch watching TV with my computer in my lap.  I can't help but feel like I'd have a better sense of work-life balance, and probably be even more productive, if I had a dedicated work space at home!  I've been collecting little pieces here and there, and the these are some of the offices I've found that I'm drawing some serious inspiration from for my own space!

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