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Weekly Update 02/21-02/27

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Fresh Off The Press!

1.  Follow Your Heart  //  2.  James 4:8  //  3.  Choose Happiness   //  4.  I'm A Pretty Big Deal On My Blog

Fave Online Finds

Fave Online Finds

1.  "Good for you, not for me" by Breanna Rose  //  This girl speaks so much truth in this post.  In the world of social media it is so difficult to not want the next best thing or wish that you were living the life of someone else.  Sometimes it's necessary to take a step back, prioritize what's important to you and ignore what the rest of the world is doing. 

2.  "Easy + Affordable Photography Backdrops" by Bethadilly  //  Thank goodness someone has finally revealed the secret of the perfect wooden background to me after all this time!  I knew that all of these photographers/bloggers/other awesome creative people didn't all have the same kitchen table ... I've been styling my Instagram photos using a thick white foam board I bought from Walgreens, but it looks like I'll be mixing things up soon!

3.  "The Sleep Details" by Aubrey Kinch  //  Not that I have any reason to know about a new swaddling alternative at this point of my life, but Aubrey's little girl is just the CUTEST!  The simple fact that she looks just like a mini Ralphie from A Christmas Story wrapped up ready for the snow was reason enough for me to grace this post with her sweet face.  

4.  "What Colors Are This Dress" by Buzzfeed  //  Sorry, but not really sorry because the fact that the internet blew up last night debating this photograph just makes me laugh.  Also, the fact that it's been the topic of conversation at work and I was in a group text with both mine and Sean's families last night make it that much better.  I see black + blue all the way and to know that I apparently see things the same way as T Swift + Mindy Kaling just makes  my heart happy.   What colors do you see?

Things I'm Excited About

1.  Clothes Mentor is having one of their "fill your bag up as full as you can and you get everything in it for $20" this weekend so Amanda and I are making a day of it!  It's been ages since we had a good shopping day so we'll see how much damage is actually done ... Here's to building up that capsule wardrobe!

2.  It's currently noon and I haven't had caffeine in over 24 hours.  I feel like I got hit by a truck and I'm not getting anything done ... I think I might just have to grab a Diet Coke at lunch.  I mean, 1 Diet Coke is better than 4 Mountain Dews any day, right?  Right.  I should really learn to like coffee.  P.S.  I have no idea why I just added this to my list of things that I'm excited about, but I feel like it's information that was necessary to share.  Let's just say that I'm excited about making progress?  Yep.  That's definitely it.  #thestruggleisrealalwaysandforever  

3.  Next week is going to be an absolute whirlwind of planning for a conference that we're hosting at my day job and I'm jumping into my new position head first!  My week will consist of shopping for centerpieces, creating seating charts and posting social media updates for the company.  I'd say that's a huge upgrade from the data entry that I used to be responsible for!  

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