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Aztec Prints + The Bachelor

Chelcey Tate2 Comments

Attempting to get some photos for an outfit post has been nearly impossible with rain every weekend for last couple of weekends, but luckily there was still some daylight when we got home from work last night!  I know I promised to not let these boots make another appearance on the blog for a while, but this is truly what I wore to work today and so is life.  Plus, what's not to love about a pair of riding boots that are so versatile they go with basically everything?  Exactly.

P.S.  I just wrapped up watching The Bachelor, and WHAT IS LIFE?  To express my pure amazement at the ridiculous things that made up this week's episode, I've decided to make a list of things that just blew my mind and/or I feel like need to be documented somewhere. 

1.  Kelsey has officially lost her mind.  I mean, going on and on about how "amazing" her story is? You lost your first husband two years ago and you think that the fact you have that story to tell is amazing?  Right.  Totally not the words of a manipulative crazy person or anything. 

2.  I used to really love Britt and now I'm not so sure.  I'm still a fan, and I can totally relate with the whole never washing her hair thing, but putting makeup on before you go to sleep?  That's where I draw the line.  Plus, a lot of the doubtfulness came from what the other girls were saying when she was on her one on one and let's face it, girls are mean sometimes.

3.  The love guru.  Like, what?  No one should ever have to experience that level of awkwardness in their life, ever.  That's all I have to say about that. 

4.  I hate that people are mean to Jade because I think she's a sweetheart.  It's not her fault that she has a medical condition that makes her react negatively to the cold and that Chris is a gentleman and offered to help her get warm.  Just sayin'. 

5.  Who the heck is Samantha?  I've never noticed this girl before.  This is the most she's ever talked and we're on the 5th episode.  

Ok, now that this post makes no sense whatsoever, here's a look at the details of this go-to outfit of mine.  It's super simple, but definitely a favorite!  

Outfit Details
V-Neck  //  Madewell | ON SALE
Cardigan  //  Von Maur  (Sold out) | Similar
Dark Jeans  //  Express 
Boots  //  DSW  
Tote Bag  //  Fossil  

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