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Weekly Update 01/31-02/06

Chelcey Tate2 Comments

Fresh Off The Press

1.  "Follow Your Heart" Pillow Cover  //  2.  "The World is Your Oyster" Print  //  3.  "Travel the world" Print  //  4.  "Let's Stay Home" Pillow Cover

Fave Online Finds

Fave Online Finds

1.  "Record Frame Instagram Photo Wall" by A Beautiful Mess  //  I am all about turning my Instagram photos into modern home decor pieces.  I've seen frames the size of walls with tiny printed images, and my refrigerator is absolutely covered in magnets from Sticky9.  I'm pretty excited to give this one a try ... It'll probably be an addition to my office space that is slowly but surely coming along!

2.  "Tattooed Ladies" by Hey Natalie Jean  //  I always love reading posts about tattoos, what they mean to different people and the stories behind them.  I'm pretty stoked for this series to continue and to read more articles like this one!

3.  "Lucy Print" from FolkParis  //  I have no idea where I would put this, or if it would even go with the flow of our house, but I love this print.  Any idea how I could style it or where I could display it?    

4.  "Pineapple Boat With Sorbet" by The House That Lars Built  //  Does this photo not make you crave the Summer and sunshine?  I've been stuck in such a rut with this darn cold weather and constant darkness.  I never do well in the colder months, which leaves me with a serious streak of wanderlust this time of year.  Pinning pretty things like this to my "Summer" and "Explore" boards on Pinterest seem to be helping with that a bit.  Plus, watching 90210 on Netflix (the modern version) has me feeling like I live in CA every night when I'm working.  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right? 

Things I'm Excited About

1.  My day will be filled with photos tomorrow.  I'm going out with Amanda to take her photos for the month for her outfit posts on Time & Turquoise, Sean's coming out with me to do mine after that and hopefully I'll be shooting some for a sweet friend just starting out in blogland, too!  

2.  I officially start my new position at my day job in a couple of weeks, and I've gotten a small taste of what I'll be doing the last couple of days and I'm so stoked.  This new job is a total game changer.  Social media management, design and a guaranteed steady income?  Sign me up!  My ultimate goal at the end of the day is still to work for myself, but this is a very happy medium until that day comes.  

3.  I'm planning on mixing some things up with my print shop, maybe even opening up a separate one?  I don't really know the details yet, well, because I haven't come up with them yet, but I'm pretty excited about it.  

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