Camo is the New Black

Camo is the New Black
Camo Is The New Black

The morning that Sean and I went out to take these photos was a little crazy ... I had gotten up early to get to the nail salon while Sean was getting a hair cut, and as usual, it took a lot longer than expected. I got home around 11:00am which is exactly when Sean's appointment started, or so I thought before I got a text message as soon as I walked in the door saying that he was already done. Part of me really loves how crazy punctual (read: early for everything) my husband is, but when I'm already rushing around to get ready? Definitely not my favorite thing in the world! Any of my always late people feel me on this one!?

So, I rushed around, Sean waited in his car for an entire hour (yeah, I may have gotten lost somewhere along the way #shocker), and when I got there? Pure chaos. The wind was insane, I may have flashed some poor strangers on the street when my dress blew up over my head, and we have about a million bloopers that are hilariously waiting on my memory card ready to be used as blackmail any second. Long story short, we decided to scrap the whole morning and eased the blow with some of the best BBQ around at my favorite hole in the wall spot. Seriously -- if you're in Louisville and you've never been to River Road BBQ, you're missing out. 

Now to talk about my new favorite tee -- Let me just preface this with the fact that I have NEVER worn any sort of camo anything in my entire life, so picking up this shirt was a first for me. I was so surprised with myself when I ended up falling in love with it! It just adds a little something extra to your typical v-neck, and I can't get enough of it. Pair it with my favorite pair of black ripped jeans, and you're good to go! Y'all know I'm all about keeping things simple. :)


Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.