Camp Fossil

#CampFossil Boho Fall Style via @fossil, @madewell, @forever21, @target @urbanoutfitters

Let me start this post off by saying that it is a straight up miracle that these photos even got taken! Last month when we were at the lake for Sean's family reunion, I decided it was the perfect time to rock my camp inspired pieces that Fossil sent me from their #CampFossil line. We had the alarm set way too early, jumped in the golf cart with seats still damp from the night before, and rode 15 minutes down the road with my camera in hand.

We finally made it to the perfect spot, I popped my brand new memory card into my camera that I picked up on our way out of Louisville, and then I saw it. The dreaded error message came up on my Canon saying that the memory card couldn't be formatted to my camera. You may call this a rookie mistake, but I has seriously never seen this before!

We proceeded to call everyone in our family in search of a memory card, and no one had one with them ... At this point I was stressing about that pretty morning light because HELLO! I woke up EARLY for this, and as we all know, I really suck at mornings! To make an already long story short, we ended up venturing out 20 minutes away from our condo into town, hit up 2 different Krogers and a Walmart before we found a memory card, and when we got back to shoot this look, it started pouring down rain. Let's just say that it's a funny story now, but both Sean and I were SO done before we even started shooting! 

Disastrous photo shoot stories aside (#firstworldproblems, I know), I really can't get over these pieces from Fossil! The tassels on this bag were calling my name from the moment I pulled it out of the package, and y'all know I'm ALL about my watches lately! I'm absolutely loving all of the boho / 70's vibes that are popping up everywhere for Fall, and Fossil is definitely taking full advantage of my obsession with this line