Baby Shower: Celebrating Emmy!
Boho Baby Shower: Celebrating Emmy via

If there's one thing that you can count on from me it's that pretty much everything in life is going to be done at the last possible minute. 😅 I mean, hey ... What's the fun of a baby shower if you're not 39 weeks pregnant and there's a possibility you could go into labor at any second? Never a dull moment around here! 😂

Last weekend we celebrated our baby girl, and y'all ... if this party was any indication, Em is already so incredibly loved. Not only speaking to the day of the shower itself, but the days and moments leading up to it. The amount of people that came together to make this celebration happen was so special, and I can't help but feel so incredibly grateful! My sweet momma worked her butt off the week leading up to the big day to make sure that everything was done perfectly, and we had a small army all ready to pitch in the day of to ensure everything fell into place.

There wasn't a single thing that I would have changed! It was an awesome afternoon celebrating our Emmy girl, and between me and you, I always kind of dread things like this! I don't do a super great job at being the center of attention, and let's be real here, having all eyes on you while you're opening gifts is always awkward, but I'm so thankful for the memories we created that day. There's a ton of photos below of the little details that made the day so great, a list of memories that I wrote down for myself so that I don't forget them, and of course outfit / all of the event details as well! ❤️

Things I don't want to forget ... 

- How I could have eaten my weight in the Derby Pasta Salad ... and probably did. 😅

- The fact that my sister Court was able to change the venue at the very last minute to the clubhouse where she works ... the space could not have been more perfect!

- Texting my mom novels of messages the night before while I lettered chalkboards, and she put together the popcorn + baby succulent favors.

- How incredibly thoughtful all of the gifts Em was showered with were, but particularly those from my Aunt Susan. She handmade a quilt for Emmy, and it's the first time she had done anything like that since her mom passed away years ago. It was such a sweet moment to open that gift, and for her to tell me how she's been praying over my daughter with every stitch she's made!  

- Freaking out with my mom over how stinking perfect those boho / woodland creature / sunflower sugar cookies were when we picked them up! And then how we proceeded to make sure they tasted as good as they looked on the drive home. 🙈

- Talking to both my mom and MIL separately the morning of the shower about their struggle to find baby photos I wanted to put in a frame ... My mom couldn't find any that she thought were cute enough (aka where my head wasn't cut off 😂 #firstbornprobs), and how my MIL was genuinely asking if they needed to be professional shots. Oh, how the times have changed since Sean and I were babies! 

- Reading all of the sweet messages written on the 'Advice for Mom' cards, and the 'Wishes for Baby' notes. 

- Sending my MIL on a wild goose chase all week for the recipe for the tropical punch (with a kick 😉) that was served at my bridal shower, and how it was totally worth it! That stuff was a hit! 

- How the topic of most conversations started with betting on whether I would go into labor during the eclipse the next day! Spoiler alert: I'm still pregnant. 😅

- Cracking up because my MIL brought a pair of baby tennis shoes from when Sean was little ... My SIL and I were trying to find a place for them, but everywhere we tried ended up making them look totally creepy. You can spot them in one of the photos below. 🙈

Shower details:

Decorated Sugar Cookies:
Sweets by Millie did such an incredible job! I had a last minute order, and not only was she able to pull off 5 dozen cookies for me, she listened to and executed every detail I threw her way perfectly!

Cake + Cupcakes:
Plehn's Bakery is my go-to local spot for cakes and cupcakes ever since they nailed all of the deserts (and cake!) for our wedding ... it's a family owned small business, and they always do an awesome job! 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries:
Paul's Fruit Market is another locally owned business that is just so great. The strawberries were such a hit! 

Cheddar Box Cafe has Derby Pasta Salad to die for, and up until this shower, I had never had their food before! They did an awesome job, and everything was delicious! 

Popcorn Station is a local spot that is literally all about gourmet popcorn! How I've lived in Louisville almost my whole life and never knew they existed I will never know ... If you end up trying them out, get the Chicago Mix. You can thank me later! 😉

Country Squire Florist is the florist I will always use. They did a beautiful job with our wedding, and did an equally as awesome job with the shower. Any florist who can give me sunflowers the size of my head will forever be my favorite. 

Large Confetti Balloons:
Target is where we found the giant confetti balloon, but we didn't use the tassel that came with it. We ended up using just a plain white string from Party City when they inflated the balloon for us, and then had the florist send some greenery our way to wrap around the string with wire! 

More details to note ... 

Gold 'Emmy' Balloons: Party City 
Mini Chalkboards: Michael's 
Large Welcome Chalkboard: Hobby Lobby
Window Photo Clip Frame: Michael's
Miniature Baby Succulents: Lowe's
Games: DigArt Designs via Etsy

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.