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June: Instagram + Favorite Posts

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June:  Instagram + Favorite Posts



Lake Cumberland // This post is definitely at the top of my list of favorites for this month.  We take a houseboat trip with my family every year, and for some reason this is the first year that I've really made documenting it a priority!  Blame it on the whole "do it for the blog post" thing, but I'm so thankful to have this photo diary to look back on!  This post is a perfect representation of our week from kayaking to fishing to storms every single night ... Check it out!

Launch Day + Giveaway // June was an extremely slow month around here because I took the site down for an entire two weeks to rework, redesign and rewrite everything!  This post will give you a sneak peek into everything that's new around here on + there's a giveaway for an entire brand makeover (website included) that you don't want to miss out on!  Giveaway winner will be announced this Saturday so get on it! 

Why You Should Be On Twitter // I have a serious love affair with Twitter, and I really truly do believe that everyone should have an account!  Especially if you're a blogger, creative or small business owner.  In this post I talked about how much Twitter has helped me grow my personal blog and business, as well as linking up to 5+ other articles that can help you get started!

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