Lady in Red

Lady in Red
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I remember back in high school I used to give my mom the hardest time about rocking jeans in the summer ... Was she not sweating to death in this crazy Kentucky heat? Well, as usual, my mom was totally right, and I've found myself doing the same exact thing. Sometimes they're just a whole lot cuter than shorts! Not to mention I will literally find any excuse to wear these skinnies ... They will forever be my go-to, until they inevitably rip right down the seam right near my inner thigh, just like every other pants I've ever owned in the history of forever. Which actually stresses me out, and makes me realize I should probably go ahead and buy another pair while I'm it's on my mind ... 

This past weekend was pretty laid back compared to the weekends we've been experiencing lately, and it was so absolutely needed. We had time to sleep in, hang out at a local spot + catch some live music for a late Saturday lunch, and the most eventful thing we did was actually trying to give Kodah a bath. Y'all, you should have seen the chaos that was trying to give Kodah a bath ... We typically take him over to Sean's parent's house and do it all in the backyard, but I wanted a way to do it at our house. Yeah, big mistake.

Just to give you a visual here ... I filled up the bathtub, Sean all the while telling me Kodah would probably refuse to get in, laid down a towel to spare the floor from the inevitable splashfest that was about to happen, and in my mind, he was going to just hop on in! That's not even a little bit how it actually happened. Sean was standing in the bathtub with treats (first step to winning any battle with a dog is with food, obviously), I was giving Kodah some serious words of encouragement, and eventually I had the brilliant idea to grab his favorite toy, a red lizard, and tossed in the tub hoping he would jump in after it. Ohhhh, was I wrong. He totally thought we were drowning his best friend, and started whining like CRAZY. Like, the high pitched, why are you doing this to me, kind of whining. At one point both Sean and I were both standing in the tub, me with the lizard in hand (I'm the worst), and Sean with treats, begging Kodah to come in and join the fun. He literally avoided us for the rest of the night ... The struggle was so real, but hey, at least I have a funny story to tell! Its moments like these that I really start to kick myself for sucking at Snapchat. Dog parents of the year over here! 

Now that I've hopefully given you a good laugh or two, let's chat about this outfit for a second. I ordered this top from Madewell (shocker, I know) right before we went down to the lake, and had every intention of wearing it when we were there, but I could't bring myself to do it. I was so afraid I was going to ruin it somehow! Lake water and new favorite tops just do not mix even in the most perfect of worlds so I kept it safely tucked away in my suitcase until we made our way back to dry land. This thing is seriously the best. If you end up picking it up for yourself, keep in mind that typical bra straps will definitely show. That's the only thing that I was kind of bummed about ... You'll need a strapless, a bandeau (which is what I ended up going with), or you could definitely get away with no bra at all, but for the sake of these photos, I decided to spare you. ;) 

P.S. Totally random, but this bracelet is actually from World Market! I was shocked when I saw that they had an entire little jewelry section, and even more so when I realized how stinking cute everything was! So, next time you find yourself there, take a break from the home stuff + check out their jewelry. It was all so adorable, and totally affordable, too. 

How did you spend your weekend? Do you still wear jeans in the summer? Is your dog deathly afraid of the bathtub, too? Have you ever felt like you were being accused of drowning your pup's best friend in the form of a squeaky red lizard toy? Obviously all totally normal questions to ask at the end of a blog post that was supposed to be all about an outfit, but you know ... :) 

Until next time! 

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.