Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland

My family has been taking annual houseboat trips to Lake Cumberland for over 5 years now.  It's the one family vacation that has become a tradition, and one that we can always count on taking!  We do everything from waking up way too early to go fishing, tubing, kayaking and all of your typical relaxing lake activities ... Only we do it while staying on on a houseboat for a week with 10+ people!  

This year's trip I taught my 3 youngest sisters how to drive a jet ski, kayaked down to a small  waterfall in the corner of an isolated part of our cove with my mom and caught 7 fish on Father's Day with my step-dad and Sean.  Even though we added a couple of people, extended the trip a few days, and I don't think there was one person who wasn't pumped to pull that houseboat into the marina a day earlier than planned, this trip was definitely one for the books!  Do you have a trip that your family takes every year no matter what?  Drop me a comment below!  I'd love to hear about it! 

Outfit Details
Jean Shorts | Old Navy
One Piece | Urban Outfitters
Sean's Swim Trunks | Chubbies
Sunglasses | Francesca's Boutique
Tie-Dye Strapless Bikini Top | Victoria's Secret
High Waisted Black Bottoms | Urban Outfitters
Flouncy Freckled Bikini Top | Victoria's Secret 

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