Real Life Is Boots That Don't Fit

Side note before you start reading ... The original pair of boots that I was looking for this morning were destroyed by the most destructive (and also cutest) dog in the world. As soon as I noticed that he tore my favorite boots to shreds, I jumped online to buy another pair ... Well, apparently I had ordered a completely different pair of boots than the ones that I had previously owned ... This preface makes no sense now, but trust me, it's totally useful info once you get further down into the story.  :)

Good Vibes Only

I've had about 6 blog posts sitting in my drafts, ready to be finalized and published, but today is a day for some real talk. This morning was the definition of the ultimate struggle fest. I got out of a bed a little too late, which let's be real here, is pretty much my daily routine, realized that the 8 print orders I had packaged last night didn't have thank you cards in them, spent 10 minutes searching for my boots before realizing they were still in the packaging in the back of my car, and I had to walk Kodah (our sweet husky pup) barefoot in 35 degree weather. If you've never walked barefoot on freezing cold sidewalk, take this as your warning - don't do it. It's literally the worst. Mind you, this is all within 15 minutes of waking up and getting out of bed. Solid start to a Friday, am I right? 

So, I head out to my car, still barefoot, and decide that I'm going to challenge myself to get to Starbucks and to work within 10 minutes ... Which I secretly knew was never going to happen, but chai tea lattes are my weakness this time of year. Picture this - a barefoot me, sitting in the Starbucks drive-thru, trying my hardest to pull the largest box from DSW basically ever from the backseat of my car up to the front, all the while having to pay attention to the much too fast moving drive-thru line, and finally successfully opening the box.

VICTORY is pretty much went through my mind at that point, that is until I stuck my car into park to try to slip the boots onto my feet and realized that they wouldn't zip over my calves ... So, here I am, still inching forward in the Starbucks drive-thru, trying my hardest to make these boots fit, until eventually I gave up. 

I drove all the way to work with one boot on that was half zipped, and realized when I pulled into the parking lot that I literally had no other shoe options than the boots currently on my feet. After sitting at my desk for a few minutes, my feet started to fall asleep, because apparently circulation is a big deal. But hey, at the end of the day, the boots are zipped and I don't look like a crazy person walking around the office. To top it all off, I may or may not be rocking a sweatshirt that says "Good Vibes Only" ... So, friends, here's me sending you good vibes on this crazy Friday, and hoping that your boots always fit.