Give 'Em The Cold Shoulder

Give 'Em The Cold Shoulder
Cold Shoulder Urban Outfitters Dress Summer Style via

If you've been following along with me for any amount of time, then you know I'm not one to spend a whole lot of time getting ready everyday. I work from home, which basically means that most days are spent in yoga pants, my TOMs, and a graphic tee. So yesterday, after spending way too much time getting ready, steaming the wrinkles out of dresses, and actually putting make-up, I was less than thrilled to find out it was raining outside. That's when this cute little gazebo saved the day ... Thank goodness for the sun staying out just long enough, umbrellas, and my trooper of a husband who played around with the settings on our camera until the light was just right. 

Ok, so onto this outfit now that I've pretty much cleared up that this is definitely not what I wear everyday (even though it is a SUPER simple look to throw together)! Just keeping it real! Although, this is probably what I'll end up wearing to the multiple graduations I'm attending in the next couple of weeks. I used to be totally obsessed with strapless tube style dresses a few years back, and now I'm wondering why in the world I didn't opt for a cold shoulder version like this one? SO much more flattering! I was pleasantly surprised by the length, too. I'm only 5'2", but GEEZE. The dresses these days might as well be labeled as (barely) oversized t-shirts ... Urban Outfitters (where this dress is from) in particular is pretty bad about super short dresses, but this one is absolutely perfect. 

Today has been pretty unproductive in terms of actual work getting done thanks to a messy kitchen; which also just so happened to have no food in it ... Well, we had food if you count the not-so-fresh veggies left over from the ghost of dinners last week that never got cooked. I'm the WORST about buying too much food, and then it ends up all going bad, but I think I've found a solution! We signed up for a food delivery service called Hello Fresh, and our first delivery comes this Tuesday. I'll pop in with a full review of what we think, but if you want to try it out, then be sure to use this link for $40 off your first box! I have to say, I will be SO STOKED if this ends up replacing the several hours spent every week meal planning and grocery shopping ... 

Alright, y'all! That's all for now --


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