Leather, Ruffles + An Update

Leather, Ruffles + An Update
Spring Style Leather Jacket www.chelceytate.com

I feel like I'm running purely on fumes of Dr. Pepper these days ... I decided it'd be a great idea to come up with a checklist for each project I have going on right now, and tape it up on the back of a closet door near my desk. In theory, this is a really great plan to give me a visual of everything I need to get done. In reality? It's just a little bit overwhelming. 

All of that to say that yes, I realize this blog has been full of nothing but style posts for the last month or so, but know that it's not permanent! I have more recipes, words of encouragement, travel related photo diaries + even a few home decor related posts in the works, but in the meantime, sharing a new outfit or two is the easiest way for me to pop into this space and give y'all a little update on what's happening! If you're missing some of the daily life updates, be sure to follow me over on Instagram! It's been a little micro blog for me while I knock out some SUPER exciting client work + collaborations! 

So -- onto this look! This leather jacket from Anthro has made an appearance around here before, and it's a piece that I'll probably never part with. It's super soft, and always makes a statement no matter what I pair it with. I mean, look at those ruffles! ALL the heart eyed emojis can be place right >> here <<< for that sweet little detail.

Oh, and can we also talk about these shoes for a second? First of all, I branched out from my Steve Madden obsession so you have to give me some credit for that! Everything about these sandals were calling my name when I spotted them. I asked the lady at the counter for my size so that I could try them on, and was pretty bummed when she told me the smallest size they had was a half size too big for me ... I loved them so much that I crossed my fingers, tried on the 6.5 + hoped for the best. Well, it just so happened that these pretty little things run a half size too big! A big YAY for that because they've now made their way into my closet, and it also lends a little bit of advice your way if you're planning on picking up a pair for yourself!

That's all I have for now! I'd love to hear what y'all would like to see more of around here ... I'm in a phase of transition when it comes to balancing out my days, and I think with that comes a phase of balancing out my content for this space, too. Drop a comment below + let me know! 



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