The Perfect Floral Maxi

The Perfect Floral Maxi
@freepeople Spring Dress + FRYE Boho Pieces via

A couple of years ago you could pretty much guarantee that I'd be wearing a maxi if the weather was warm. There was a little bit of a lull in stores the past couple of summers where every maxi dress I found was either insanely long (hello #shortgirlprobs), had a crazy plunging neckline, or a totally open back ... Well, not this year! This Free People maxi basically swept me off my feet as soon as I saw it. I was feeling defeated walking out of the mall after searching for dresses all day, and my sister and I spotted this one at the same exact time. Fate? We certainly thought so.

Oh, and I have to give FRYE a little shoutout for sending me these perfectly boho pieces (these shoes + this bag) that brought this whole look together! We spent our Saturday in Lexington celebrating their new storefront that's opening next month, and if there's one thing that I love about FRYE, it's that I know these are pieces that I'll be able to enjoy for years to come. 

For the fellow momma-to-be

I've been on a rollercoaster shopping lately trying to find things that flatter this sweet baby bump of mine ... My go-to flowy silhouettes are just not as flattering as they usually are, and wearing anything form fitting is a bit out of my comfort zone. For the other momma-to-be's out there, dresses like this one are what dreams are made of! It's loose and comfortable, and has a tie at the waist that accentuates your growing belly. The tie at the waist has been a game changer! I've been looking for it in every dress I find now. I haven't actually purchased any maternity clothes (aside from these jeans that are a personal must have), but I'm at a point right now where sizing up / going for looser pieces in my current size works just fine! Thank goodness for summer babies! Give me all the dresses! 

Photography by Abbie Roden for FRYE / Photo Edit by Chelcey Tate

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