Tuesday Ten: Rings + Things

I've never been a huge jewelry kind of gal ... There was a short period of time when I was in sales (yeah, so not my thing) where I wore the same four bauble statement necklaces on repeat, but thankfully those days are gone. Ever since I kicked those huge things to the curb, it's been smooth sailing with dainty pieces for me! These days you'll find me with no jewelry on aside from my wedding ring, but that's the beauty of working from home during the Winter. Especially when it only requires leaving the house two out of seven days during the week (if I'm lucky). Yeah, definitely still battling the Winter Blues over here.

To be honest, if I was better at not losing/breaking/tangling every piece of jewelry I've ever owned, I'd probably wear a lot more of it than I do now. Seeing as I don't see that issue resolving itself anytime soon, I'll just keep eyeballing these pretty little rings and things from afar ... Check out my favorite picks down below, and let me know what you think! I've put together a collection of everything from higher end to small shops on Etsy that I have my eye on. Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Tuesday Ten: Rings + Things www.chelceytate.com

Have any favorite Etsy shops or other jewelry finds of your own? I'd love to check them out!