Gray T-Shirt Dress

Gray T-Shirt Dress
Gray T-Shirt Dress via

Spring has officially sprung, and I feel like it's been ages since I've popped in here for an update! The weather is warmer, dresses are making their way back into my closet, and light layers are ruling my day to day looks. Speaking of light layers, this jacket from Madewell is seriously my favorite piece in my closet. I styled it a few weeks ago in this post, and it works just as well styled with a dress and booties! I tend to gravitate towards basics and staple pieces (as if you didn't already know that), so this outfit will definitely be a go-to until it's too hot to wear a jacket + booties!

Quick note on this dress though -- it is SUPER cute (and comfortable!), but I would highly recommend that you order a size up. It's an oversized fit, but if you're wanting to wear it as a dress (and not a tunic) then the length will definitely throw you for a loop. I'm 5'2", and the size small is straddling the line between being cute short and "oh my gosh look at how short that girl's dress is" short. Oh, and did I mention that it was crazy windy yesterday when we shooting these photos? Yeah, I've never been so thankful that it was my husband behind the camera!

Totally random thought, but why in the world are emojis not acceptable to use in ALL mediums? The end of that sentence could have totally used one of those "see no evil" monkey guys, don't you think? Before I go on a random rant, I'll leave you with this -- t-shirt dresses are the greatest pieces of clothing ever created, I'm throwing up a bunch of hands raised praise emojis to the return of hats in my wardrobe, and if Spring didn't come along with killer allergies (that have totally knocked me on my butt today) then it would be my favorite season, well, only second to Fall of course because it's just the best. 

what's your favorite go-to look for this transition between winter and spring? are you as big of a fan of t-shirt dresses as i am? drop a comment below to get the conversation started! xo

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