Vero Beach

Vero Beach

When my mom told me that we were taking a last minute trip to Florida, my first thought was thank GOD! It's no secret that my current situation at my day job is less than stellar, so a quick trip to paradise is exactly what I needed. We rented a house that sat right on the beach, and basically did nothing but just hang out the entire time ... It was totally necessary.

If you ever find yourself in Vero Beach, you should definitely check out a few of these local spots ... We ate at a restaurant called Mulligans all 4 nights we were there (order their coconut shrimp, fries + a strawberry banana daiquiri), went deep sea fishing on a boat called "Get Hooked" with a hilarious captain who had a hammerhead shark tramp stamp, and woke up bright and early to check out some alligators on an airboat tour on our last day! Although the town itself isn't very tourist friendly in terms of things to do or places to eat, I would definitely recommend all three of these local spots to anyone planning a trip there!  

Have you ever been to Vero Beach?  Do you have a go-to favorite beach spot? Drop a comment below! We're always looking for new places to see!


Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.