Weekly Update: Cozy Outfits, Dream Chasing + Trusting God's Timing

Weekly Update: Cozy Outfits, Dream Chasing + Trusting God's Timing


1. Cactus Pincushion DIY by A Beautiful Mess // I have absolutely no need for a pincushion, let alone one shaped like a cactus, but come on!  I don't even sew and this is so cute that I'm fully convinced I need to make one this weekend.  The struggle is real, people. 

2. Maiedae Mixer: Special News by Maiedae // I have to admit, I was a little concerned when I first read that the mixer was going to be significantly different than last year, but after reading about Savannah and Jenny's vision, I have no doubt that it's going to be an amazing event.  These two put their hearts into everything that they do, and being able to connect with the other attendees on such a personal level will be more beneficial than a night full of swapping business cards and elevator pitches.  If you're a blogger, maker or small business owner, sign up!  There's only 12 tickets left, and I'd love to see you there!

3. Blueberry Pancake French Toast Bake by Rachel Schultz // I don't even think that this recipe needs an explanation as to why it's included in this week's round up of my fave online finds, but I'm going to give you one anyway!  I mean, come on.  Blueberries, pancakes AND french toast all in one dish!?  What more could you ever ask for?  Other than a perfect world where the only food that exsisted was intended for breakfast and brunch, of course.

4. Atticus' NYC Nursery by Barefoot Blonde // Ok, so I know what you're thinking.  I don't have a baby, and there probably won't be one in our lives for quite a while, so why in the world am I sharing a nursery post!?  Well, that's an easy question to answer.  First of all, Amber truly outdid herself on how beautiful she decorated this one, and she's also giving away enough gift cards that one lucky winner will basically win a free nursery.  Now, last time I checked gift cards don't expire so if I just so happen to win this giveaway those babies (no pun intended) will be burning a whole in my pocket until that day comes!  


1. Cozy Rainy Day Vibes // If you're one of those people who likes to be just as comfortable as they are fashionable, then the knit kimono featured in this outfit post was made for you.  I seriously wear it every single chance I get!  It's a light enough for Summer, and thick enough for Fall, so it's the perfect transition piece, too!  Check it out! 

2. Timing Is Everything // Have you ever stopped to think about what your life would be like if you started doing what you loved to do much earlier in life?  If so, then this post is for you. 


1.  The fact that it's the weekend!  The last couple of weeks I feel like I've been just a big ball of stress ... There's a lot going on over here on my side of world, but I've been allowing it to effect me way more than it should.  Here's to looking on the bright side, pushing forward + making things happen!  I'm responsible for how I spend my days AND my own happiness, right?  Well, that's exactly what I intend to do! 

2.  Y'all.  My wedding dress is being delivered TODAY!  I received an amazing note from the lady who was making my dress in Australia (handmade, supporting a small business + not crazy expensive ... I'll share more on this after the big day!) saying that she was praying over my dress as she was stitching it ... How incredible is that!?  I seriously can't wait to see it.   

3.  I ordered a brand new Day Designer earlier this week!  This will be my third one since starting my blog and I really don't know if I could stay organized without it.  It's seriously a lifesaver! 

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