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Schulte Family Shoot

Chelcey Tate8 Comments

When I was in high school and just starting out with this whole photography gig, my camera was glued to my hands.  I was constantly asking my sisters to get dressed up and to come out to the backyard so I could take photos of them.  At some point they started to get annoyed, which could have had something to do with my lack of patience back then, and stopped agreeing to come out and be my little models.  Thankfully, years later, they have forgiven me for always having a camera in their face way back then.  

My mom has been begging me for who knows how long to take photos of my family, especially my sisters, so she would have updated photos to hang around the house.  Two weekends ago we finally found the time where all of our schedules were clear to go out and the result, as you can see, is stunning!  I mean, look at those baby blues!  

Did I mention that their color coordination was not planned at all?  When you get six people in one house to all show up in the same color scheme, you know you're in for a good day!  We spent a couple of hours walking around searching for the biggest and brightest Fall leaves that we could find, and it made for an eventful ending to a super busy weekend.    

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