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Weekly Update

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iPhone Photos of the Week

1.  We had a pumpkin carving contest and a chili cook off at work today for Halloween and Sean won the pumpkin contest with this cute little thing!  He won a $25 gift card to Olive Garden, but since we don't eat there we're keeping our fingers crossed that his parents will give us $25 in exchange for the gift card.  Fair trade, right?  Oh, and I won second place in the chili cook off!  For those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I made this apparent masterpiece that was called "outstanding" at 7:45 this morning.  I'm telling you, last minute is the way to do things around here!  //  2.  This was my entry into the pumpkin carving contest.  I just wanted to share a picture because I think he's adorable and I'm pretty darn proud of him!  Oh, and I'm also sporting a top knot at the moment so I totally look like Agnes.  Now if only I had a fluffy white and purple unicorn ...  //  3.  Our gallery wall is ALMOST complete.  Thank goodness!  Maybe we'll finish decorating this place to enjoy the finished product for at least a couple of weeks or something ... :)  //  4.  I went out and took pictures of my family this past weekend and they all were unintentionally matching.  Yes, you definitely read that correctly.  Six people all unknowingly coordinated with each other in maroon and mustard yellow.  I'm super thankful for the convenient same train of thought though because it made the photos come out that much better!  I can't wait to share all of them later this weekend!   

Fave Online Finds

1.  Flower Grapevine Wreath by A Beautiful Mess  //  2.  An Anthem of Hope:  4 Ways to Recharge by Maddie Richardson  //  3.  This sweater I bought on sale from Anthropologie's website  //  4.  17 DIY Christmas Present Ideas by Home Stories A to Z

Things I'm Excited About

1.  Winning second place in my office's chili cook off on a total whim!  I was so worried about it all morning.  Like, I didn't think it was even going to be edible, worried. 

2.  Sean and I have been spending a lot more time with old friends and it just makes my heart happy.  I love rediscovering old friendships! 

3.  Checking out a potential wedding venue on Sunday!  I have a really great feeling about it, and my "good feelings" rarely steer me in the wrong direction.  Wish us luck!

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