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Adventure Is Calling

LifeChelcey TateComment

I never pegged myself as the adventurous type in the broad sense of the word.  That is, until I realized that my adventurous spirit has just been masked by my spontaneity all of these years.  I proudly act on my impulses and make decisions most times without much thought behind them.

Today as I sit at my day job, scrolling through my Explore board on Pinterest while experiencing some major wanderlust, I've come back to a plan of mine that I've had since I was in high school.  So, what is this amazing plan that I speak of?  Well, I have always wanted to pack up my camera and take a cross country road trip.  How amazing does that sound?  

Today would be the perfect day to start.  We have little responsibility aside from our sweet pup who, of course, would make the trip with us and our day jobs.  Sean's passion lies in his music and mine in my art.  We don't have a family to worry about yet, and with little to nothing tying us down, why wouldn't we go?  One year full of constant creativity, seeing places we've never seen before, seeking ourselves, seeking each other, seeking God ... It sounds like the most amazing plan, right?  I think so, too. 

I'm sure this man of mine could give me a hundred plus reasons why we shouldn't and why we couldn't, but I'm determined to convince him otherwise.  Today on this gloomy and rainy day, I feel inspired and lead to make the most out of the time I've been given.  So, why not?  

I will certainly keep you posted on how I intend to convince this planner future husband of mine to take a once in a lifetime kind of chance with me.  Until then, I can promise you that I will be planning weekends upon weekends of trips for us to embark on.  As the famous quote says, If adventure is calling then I must go, right? 

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.