Chelcey Tate3 Comments

Austin + Carolyne + Ronan // Family Shoot

Chelcey Tate3 Comments

When I saw a Facebook status that Carolyne posted a few weeks ago looking for a photographer, I knew that I had to message her immediately!  Austin and I are old friends and, as you can see here, his sweet Carolyne (pun intended) is one of the most photogenic people on this planet!  We set a date, time and place and spent a gorgeous night with the most perfect light at a local park.

Their pup, Ronan, is just as high spirited as our Kodah.  He's just as protective over his momma as Kodah is with me, too!  I can't wait for another opportunity to take photos of these three.  It's a beautiful thing when a photo session starts with a hello and ends with hugs and promises to grab coffee soon.  The people I get to work with on a weekly basis are the best kind of people. 

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