Weekly Update

Fresh Off The Press! 

fresh off the press pillow covers and prints from whattheprint on etsy
fave online finds chelceytate.com weekly update

1.  "Easy Yoga Tips For Newbies" by OhDearDrea  //  2.  "17 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals" from Buzzfeed  //  3.  "Creamy Mashed Potatoes" by The Pioneer Woman  //  4.  "Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle" Tee-Shirt from Designs by Nicolina on Etsy

Things I'm Excited About

1.  Does the weekend count?  This week at my day job has been absolutely draining to say in the least.  I'm ready to have two full days to focus on making things happen and probably sleeping a lot.  

2.  The new pillow covers that I just put up at WhatThePrint!  It's so fun seeing my designs on something other than paper!

3.  Cleaning out our closet this weekend and giving a ton of stuff away.  How we have accumulated so much stuff, I will never know ... I don't even remember how we fit all of this stuff in our old apartment that was half the size of where we are now!  It's definitely time to start simplifying things!  

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