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How To Decorate For Valentine's Day With ChelceyTateStudio

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When I started designing prints and posters, I begun to find more and more uses for seasonal holiday decor around my home.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to swap out different designs throughout the year to keep things new and different around the house, right?  Just in case you're not sure how to incorporate seasonal decor in your home, I've made a handy list of ideas for you.


An Interchangeable Gallery Wall

One of my favorite projects that I've done in our new home is my make shift gallery wall in our master bedroom.  I put a bunch of prints up on the wall, but instead of framing them in a classic nail-in-the-wall frame, I framed them with washi tape!  This makes it really simple to mix things up when I feel like it without committing to a full on gallery wall that could take hours to hang and get just right.

Frames Placed Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

In our old apartment there wasn't much room above the cabinets for any sort of decor.  Luckily, our new place is brand new and full of awesome upgrades, like space above the kitchen cabinets!  I have 6 frames, among other things, that I change out frequently with different prints.  Other than the actual process of me climbing on top of my kitchen counter tops (and almost falling every time), this is the easiest way to switch things up and make a big impact! 

Incorporate Prints Into Your Center Pieces

This is something that I recently came up with just for the Valentine's Day season!  The smaller holidays always throw me for a loop.  Along with flowers on my dining room table, I'm planning on framing a 5x7 print right next to them fixated on top of a wood slice that I painted with chalkboard paint from Michael's!  

Throw A Party!    

Now this one is my personal favorite.  I am the absolute worst when it comes to coming up with an idea for a party and executing it.  I have more ideas that I know how to keep up with, but something always seems to come up and my plans never go, well, to plan.  So, do me a favor and throw a party?  I'll even supply you with the ideas as long as I get photos of the finished product!  :) 

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