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Forever 21 Online Shopping Guide

Chelcey Tate2 Comments
Forever 21 Online Shopping Guide

Rainy days are the worst.  They cause almost car accidents with me, Sean and a giant white pick up truck, crazy traffic because people can't drive when there's anything falling from the sky and they make it certain that photos can't be taken for weekly outfit posts.  

Luckily, rainy days also mean a lot of time to snuggle up on the couch, watch Friends on Netlix and do some serious online shopping!  Which is exactly what inspired me to start a series of online shopping guides!  First up, Forever21.  F21 has always been a store that I've loved, but since they made it a two story space where I live, it's just way too cluttered.  Things are always in a different spot than they were the day before, and it seems that there's always a random older man who has no business being in F21 just trolling.  

So, now that I've officially gone on a rant about the highs and lows of rainy days, and reasons that shopping at an actual F21 is pretty much impossible ... Here's my online shopping guide for F21, because trying to scroll through an endless sea of pages on their website seems to be almost as difficult as shopping in the actual store.  Check it out!

Zippered Sheath Dress  //  Ever since I fell in love with Target's t-shirt dresses, I've been drawn to this style.  It's comfortable and casual, but can still be dressed up!  I would pair this with a structured leather jacket, booties and long layered necklaces. 

Embroidered Split-Neck Top  //  I have been eyeing so many tops with a similar cut and style from Anthro, but I can't bring myself to splurge on a shirt that's $140.  Thankfully, I can always count on F21 to have something cute + affordable. 

Marled Zip Pocket Tee  //  I've been a total sucker for minimalistic pieces lately, especially when they can be carried into all four seasons.  You can never go wrong with a great basic that can stand alone or be layered for a totally different look.  

Belted Wrap Coat  //  What's better than a simple black coat?  The answer is ... not a whole lot!  I love that this piece is minimalistic while still having great structure and unexpected cuts.  It's definitely one of my favorite things that I've seen so far while endlessly scrolling along.

Distressed Chambray Shirt  //  You can never go wrong with a chambray shirt.  Especially when said chambray shirt is $22.  BOOM.  This is why we love F21. 

Southwestern Pattern Pants  //  I currently have one pair of boho patterned pants that my mom bought me last year.  Here's the scoop:  They feel like pajama pants, they're work appropriate (depending on your office, of course) AND I always get compliments when I wear them.  They're like the maxi skirt of the pants world.  

Belted Open-Knit Cardigan  //  Does this cardigan not look like something you could get at Anthro!?  This color has been my go to this year, and the lace detail on this cardigan has me totally sold.  If I hadn't already spent way too much money shopping online this week, this baby would be mine!  Give me a week and a half.  #payday

Striped High-Slit Knit Top  //  Stripes, stripes and more stripes!  I almost bought this exact shirt from Free People (here) and now I'm thankful that I didn't!  I couldn't fully commit to the side slit fully to spend that much money on it, and now I don't have to worry about the splurge!  P.S.  This top at Free People is now on sale for $20 off the original price!  Check it out!  They're sizes are limited in the black + white one, but they have two other colors that are still fully stocked.  Just an FYI.  :) 

So, what did you think?  Do you want to see more guides like these in the future?  Are there any other websites that you'd like to see featured?  This was a blast to put together, and I'm so excited to come back to this post next week when I have some extra spending money to pick up a few of these pieces.  If you found this guide helpful, hit the heart down at the bottom left to let me know!   

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.