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Krispy Kreme Launch

Chelcey Tate2 Comments
Krispy Kreme Valentine's Day Campaign Chelcey Tate 2015

Happy Monday, if there is such a thing!  Today is the launch of the Krispy Kreme Valentine's Day campaign that I was a contributing designer for, and I woke up absolutely stoked.  You can read more about this here if you missed the announcement!  

Surprise Office Party Krispy Kreme

I got to work and a few of my coworkers had set up a whole celebration for me with a "Congratulations Chelcey" banner, my design plastered all over the walls and 5 dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  It was awesome!  

Then, I found out the not so awesome news ... The design that is currently being featured in our local stores isn't my design.  Bummer, right!?  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the whole thing was a misunderstanding at the store and that they actually have an unopened box of promotional material that just happens to have my name all over it.  :)  Regardless, this opportunity is by far the biggest one I've had as a graphic designer and I couldn't be happier with the work that I did!  If you happen to find yourself at a Krispy Kreme and see my design, let me know!  I'd love to see it!  You can share it on IG or Twitter and tag me: @chelceytate      

Jenna Kutcher Course Lettering

Fast forward  //  Shortly after I got back to my desk, I received a Facebook message from Jenna Kutcher.  If you've been reading along with me for a while, you know that I'm a pretty big fan of hers.  I have been chosen as one of five creatives that follow her blog to try out her 6 week marketing and small business course called Jenna Kutcher Course!  I am beyond ready to get the ball rolling even faster than it is right now in growing my creative businesses, and this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.  If you ask me, God's hands are all over the reasoning behind all of the opportunities just falling into my lap lately, but that's another topic for another time.  Maybe later this week?  :)  

Anyways, one of our first "challenges" for the #jennakutchercourse is to share our goals for 2015, and I thought what better way to do this then to post them for the whole world to see, right?  So, here we go!

1.  Yoga  //  I want to get on my mat for at least 15 minutes every single day this year.  I've found that by doing yoga in the middle of my day I'm able to meditate in prayer and release the stress from the first half of my day.  Not only that, but I'm strengthening my body as well!  I downloaded the Yoga Studio app and it has made it so easy for me to choose a class and make it happen! 

2.  Travel  //  Whether it be for personal or professional purposes, I want to travel more.  Now is the prime time for Sean and I to get out and see the world prior to settling down and starting a family of our own.  We made this as a "resolution" last year and it totally fell flat ... Here's to a fresh start and a new goal!

3.  Design  //  I hope to work with more big name companies for commercial design work, and I think that this opportunity with Krispy Kreme is the perfect way to kick things off for this year!  I hope to do some editorial lettering work, and more brand design for small businesses.  I really love designing for my print shop, but few things make me more excited than seeing my work being used to help out another business! 

4.  Blog  //  I have kept my blogging goal of M-F so far this year, and I hope to keep that going!  It's been said before, but somehow blogging more helps me come up with even more content to share.  It's a total snowball effect, trust me.  I'm hoping to move into vlogging sometime soon so keep an eye out for me making a total fool of myself on camera on Youtube! 

5.  Photography  //  Photography has and always will be my first big passion.  I started my business years ago, but I never felt equipped with the tools to really take things to the next level.  With the knowledge I've gained in running my blog, design and print shop businesses, I finally have a good grasp on what makes a successful small business tick.  Here's to meeting my goal of shooting 25 seniors, 5 families and 5 misc. fun and styled shoots in 2015!   

6.  Print Shop  //  Currently, my designs for WhatThePrint are being carried in three small boutiques in the US, two of which are in Louisville, KY.  My ultimate goal is to have 100 whole sale clients by the end of the year.  Call me crazy, because it might be just crazy enough to work!

What are some of your personal and professional goals for 2015?  I love reading what other people are setting out to do for their year.  It always serves as an extra dose of motivation for me, and gives me some new ideas to focus on! 

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.