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Fave Online Finds

Fave Online Finds from Chelcey Tate

1.  "S'mores Bars" by Jessica Rayome  //  How delicious do these things look?  It may be because I'm seriously craving something sweet right now, but I'm kicking myself for not having these ingredients in my kitchen!  Jessica just so happens to also be my favorite future cousin-in-law who just started blogging ... Check her out!  :)

2.  "10 Verses for an Overwhelmed Spirit" by Simply Clarke  //  I know I've been slacking here in blogland + Instagram lately, but I have a very good excuse!  If you've been following along with the journey that is my life, then you know I recently moved into a new position at work.  One that I'm truly enjoying if you can believe it!  Between this new job, preparing for a conference in St. Louis next week, attempting (and failing) at planning a wedding, the flat tire that happened on my car today and being seriously behind on orders in my shop, you can say that I've been a little overwhelmed.  I'm so thankful for sweet bloggers like Marquis who share such great posts like this to help me get through these crazy moments of constant motion! 

3.  "Kentucky Bangle" from The Shine Project  //  I have added and removed this bracelet from my cart about a million times, and I think today might just have to be the day that I finally buy it!  Not only is this bracelet absolutely adorable, but every purchase goes towards employing inner city youth to pay for college!  Check it out!  P.S.  After typing that last sentence I remembered WHY I wanted this bracelet so badly and why it's worth $28.  Trust me, there's nothing better than shopping with pure intention!  

4.  "The Messy Book Is Here!" by A Beautiful Mess  //  I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am about all of these products from the girls at ABM!  First happy mail, up next is all of this Messy supplies!  My mom scrapbooked all through my childhood and even owned her own paper crafting magazine at one point, and getting boxes of scrapbooking supplies when I was younger was always my favorite gift!  I can't wait to do some serious damage on all of these new products as Sean and I jump head first into a new chapter in our lives together!  If this is something you'd like me to cover on the blog, hit the little heart down at the bottom of this post!  

Things I'm Excited About

1.  Jumping head first into an entirely new position which, in this case, involves a once a year event to plan and coordinate!  My entire schedule next week (starting tomorrow morning) will involve making sure every single thing goes according to plan and helping to educate our managers on the importance of social media. Talk about pressure, right!?

2.  I have officially discovered my new favorite drink from Starbucks.  I've never been a huge coffee drinker, but tea is my thing, for sure!  I asked Benny, an old family friend, if he could pick me up a black tea lemonade at work and I ended up getting a green tea lemonade instead.  Little did I know I would now be craving it daily!  It's SO good and refreshing! 

3.  Right this second I'm watching a new episode of Once Upon A Time, and I have to say, that makes me pretty darn excited!  My sisters got me hooked on this show when they all stayed the night a few months ago and I've been hooked ever since.    

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