25 Easy Random Acts of Kindness

25 Easy Random Acts of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today!  chelceytate.com

I've been on the receiving end of a few different random acts of kindness over the past couple of weeks and I figured it's my time to pay it forward!  It's amazing how much a stranger paying for your drink can change the mood of your entire day.  So, with that said, here are twenty-five easy ideas for you to bless someone with a random act of kindness today.  

1.  Pay for someone's order in the drive-thru 
2.  Leave some extra change on a parking meter for the next person to use
3.  Send snail mail!  A simple "hello" card can make all the difference in someone's day
4.  Leave your server a bigger tip than expected
5.  When you see something you think a friend would love, buy it for them just because
6.  Bring donuts in for your coworkers on a Monday morning
7.  Clean out your closet and donate/pass down anything that you don't absolutely need
8.  Leave post-its with inspirational notes in random places for someone else to find
9.  Offer your advice/services for free to someone just starting out in your field
10.  Thank people often just for doing their job or for being who they are
11.  Leave a thank you card in your mailbox for your mailman
12.  Volunteer at a local animal shelter
13.  Compliment someone
14.  Surprise your neighbor with baked goods 
15.  Respond to texts and emails promptly (I'm terrible at this!)
16.  Give someone else your parking space
17.  Make a welcome basket for a new neighbor or coworker 
18.  Shop + eat local
19.  Do the dishes for your roommate/significant other when it's their turn
20.  Send a care package
21.  Start a conversation with a stranger
22.  Sponsor a child in a developing country
23.  Make these packs to keep in your car to give to the homeless
24.  Put together a box of your favorite recipes to share with someone
25.  Write a positive review online about a person who helped you at a store/restaurant/hotel

Do you have any great random act of kindness ideas?  Tweet them to me here, or leave them in the comments section below, and I'll add them to this list!  Click the heart button at the bottom of this post if you're planning to spread some joy with a little #RAOK action today.  :)

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.