March Beauty + Lifestyle Favorites

March Beauty + Lifestyle Favorites

1.  Happy Hippy Shower Gel from LUSH  //  I found this product on a whim a couple of weeks ago when I stopped in to pick up more Ocean Salt.  Ocean Salt is by far one of my favorite LUSH products, but it gets a little harsh when it's all you're using.  Exfoliating every single day?  Definitely not recommended.  I didn't want to go back to the chemical filled body wash that I was using before, and little did I know LUSH had just what I needed!  It smells very strongly of citrus and grapefruit which I personally love, but it's definitely an acquired smell.  I would recommend purchasing this in store if you have the chance!

2.  Caramel Truffle Gelato from Graeter's  //  Oh. My. Goodness.  If you've never experienced this masterpiece of a flavor, you need to, ASAP.  I've been a huge fan of the Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch for a while now, but I think this one takes the cake (no dessert pun intended)!  It's a butterscotch-like flavored gelato paired with little caramel filled truffles.  Basically it's the best thing in the world and you need to go get yourself some, ASAP.  You're welcome.  :)

3.  Happy Mail from A Beautiful Mess  //  I can't say enough great things about this subscription service.  I signed up just in time for the February box to be delivered and I just recently received my March box.  I had been eyeing it for quite some time, and I decided it was finally time to take the plunge!  Plus, numbers don't lie.  On average, I spend about $5 per greeting card per holiday/birthday.  For $15/month I can get 10+ greeting cards AND other great paper goods delivered to my front door every month.  Once I figured this out, it only made sense to take advantage of the steal of the deal that the ladies at ABM are offering!  I've sent out multiple cards via snail mail since starting the subscription and it's my new favorite thing to do.  Just like they say on their website, they're bringing thoughtful back.  Check it out!  You won't be disappointed. 

4.  365 Blog Topic Ideas by Dana Fox  //  I ordered this book (three of them, actually) from Amazon after being an avid reader of Dana's blog, The Wonder Forest.  I always find myself stuck on topics, or trolling Pinterest for blog posts about blog post ideas, and they all would tell me the same thing.  I pulled two of my really great friends into the blogging game with me so I figured I would buy them each one as well.  All three of us have been really impressed with the ideas, and there are definitely more than 365 in this book!  Almost every single idea in this book can easily be turned into 5+ blog posts with a simple change of topic.  I definitely recommend this to any bloggers out there that seem to be in a rut when it comes to quality content.