Weekly Update 04/17-04/24


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1.  Black Watercolor Pillow Cover from toucheefeelee1  //  I've been all about watercolor lately!  I've talked about actually decorating an office space in my house, and though it hasn't happened yet, this pillow would be a perfect addition!  We recently rearranged our living room furniture which made room for me to bring a desk upstairs ... Now to actually get the motivation to not work from my couch.

2.  "Guest Post: Motivational Wallpapers by Chelcey Tate" on Lorelai's Things  //  I was featured on the lovely Lorelai's blog this week!  If you like Gilmore Girls references, a dose of motivation and free desktop wallpapers designed by yours truly, check it out!  

3. "Breaking Bread" by Be Up And Doing  //  I was excited to see the preview of this post on Instagram from Allie.  Friendships in adulthood are different in so many ways compared to friendships in other stages of life.  Making friends is primarily made through social media these days, and the obligation to hang out with people all the time isn't nearly as evident as it used to be.  

4.  "Decorative Document Plush Pillows DIY" by A Beautiful Mess  //  How ADORABLE are these pillows!?  As soon as I saw them I knew that I wanted to make one ... or seven.  I think that the marriage license will be perfect for our master bedroom, and the concert ticket idea would be great for Sean's gaming/music space!  Now getting around to doing all of these DIY projects that I share all the time is a completely different story ... But hey, it sounds good, right? 


1.  I've been doing a ton of studying on self portraits lately, and I'm giving some a shot this weekend with my new camera!  I'm sure it will be equally as frustrating as it will be exciting, but I'm looking forward to learning something new and playing with my new camera!

2.  Amanda and I are heading to an art show at Revelry Boutique + Gallery tonight.  Derby time around Louisville means a lot of fun events and a mix of things happening, including a double artist feature tonight!  If you're in Louisville, I highly recommend that you come check it out.   

3.  As of this Sunday I have been blogging for an entire year!  You can read more about where I started and the (slightly) new direction I'm taking with my blog here.  

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