How We Do Mornings

How We Do Mornings on

The title of this post is pretty funny because the truth of the matter is that we don't do mornings. When we first moved in together a few years ago, Sean was a pro at getting out of bed first.  He would jump right up once his alarm went off, get ready and would act as my snooze button, reminding me to get up every few minutes.  Eventually I would get out of bed, he would head to work and in true "I'm always late because that's how I was raised and it's in my blood fashion" I would leave 10 minutes behind him.

These days mornings are different.  Once we started working in the same office building, Sean decided to adopt my habit of being really terrible at mornings.  Honestly?  It's totally thrown everything off.  A typical morning of ours goes a little something like this ... 

7:45am - Both alarms go off, one playing Ed Sheeran and the other a loud, crazy irritating, classic alarm.

8:00am - After turning off the first alarm, the second set start to sound.  We both hit snooze, and remind each other that we really do need to get out of bed. 

8:10am - I turn to Sean and tell him that we're going to be late, as if that's going to motivate him to get out of bed before me.  I check the notifications on my phone as he continues to sleep, and somehow end up falling back asleep myself. 

8:15am - Sean turns to me after hearing another alarm and reminds me that we need to get up.

8:20am - We both involuntarily get out of bed, grab the first clean outfit that we can find and start getting ready. 

He takes Kodah out for his morning walk, while I scramble to get all of my work cleaned up and in my bag from the night before.  He takes our laptops downstairs, I grab us something quick to eat, put food in Kodah's bowl and at 8:45am we walk out to the garage.

We turn on our favorite radio show, he drives, I finish getting ready in the passenger seat, we talk about how much we truly hate mornings (AKA how we need to start getting up on time), and finally arrive to the office.  Now that I think about it, after explaining our morning in so much detail, the whole thing can pretty much be summed up in one sentence ... We really suck at mornings.  

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.