Live Happy!

Live Happy!

I took a break from style posts for a while until I felt that I could really show myself in the way that the photos and outfits were presented.  I'm not the most stylish or put together person in the world, but I do love the idea of documenting my personal style in an artistic way that truly represents who I am.  So, that brings me to bringing my style series back in this new way!  

I bought this t-shirt three weeks ago and I've worn it probably too many times in the last three weeks, but without fail, every time I wear it I get comments about it.  People have smiled in my direction and nodded, they've acknowledged that it says "Live Happy" mentioning how that's a great thing to live by and I always feel especially uplifted when I'm wearing it.  It pretty much makes me feel like a walking billboard for positivity, and I'm all about that!  

So, what does living happy look like?  To me, it's spreading positivity, sparking up conversations with someone new and generally keeping a happy outlook on every situation.  It's uplifting people, and not being too hard on yourself.  It's smiling at someone in hopes of brightening their day, and not taking yourself too seriously.  

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine this past weekend about happiness.  She was talking about a passion project that she's had in the back of her head for a while, and to not throw her brilliant idea out into the universe before she's ready, let's just say it's centered around happiness.  She said that she wants to document all of the happiness.  That's what living happy is all about.  Living your truth, spreading joy and radiating positivity.  How do you live happy? 

Live Happy T-Shirt | Natural Life
Grey Lace Cardigan | Altar'd State
Maroon Felt Hat | ASOS
Cross Body Bag | Francesca's
Slip on Shoes | TOMS  

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.