Weekly Update 05/01-05/08


1.  It Is Well With My Soul  //  2.  Just Start  //  3.  Eat Sleep Create  //  4.  Be Happy


1.  "The Everygirl's Cofounders' Home and Office Tour" by The Everygirl  //  Home tours are something that I'm always drawn to.  I don't know if it's because I enjoy seeing how other people choose to style their space, or if I'm just naturally a nosey person.  It's probably a mix of both, to be honest.  I loved seeing how Alaina and Danielle decorated their old carriage house style Chicago apartment!  The interview was really great, too.  It gives you a more in depth look into the girls that are actually behind The Everygirl.  The fact that they live together AND not only work together, but own a business together, is crazy to me!  

2.  "When A Friendship Ends" by Darling Magazine  //  When I was younger I had a really close friend who I thought, without a doubt, would be a lifelong friend.  The pressures of high school happened, one thing lead to another and we completely lost touch.  There were no arguments leading up to it or any dramatics, we just grew apart.  Now, have I had an experience with a big falling out lead by dramatics?  Absolutely, but it's not the norm.  There are some people that come into your life that are only supposed to be there for a season, and others that you can go months without seeing and then pick up right where you left off.  This essay on the Darling blog is so incredibly accurate when it comes to the different reasons that friendships end. 


1.  It's finally (almost) the weekend and I get to wear this shirt tomorrow!  I almost put it on today to wear to work, but I figured that may show my excitement for a two day break from this place a little too much.

2.  I've finally joined Sean in this whole Spring cleaning deal, and this weekend it's going DOWN.  We literally have 3 bags clothes sitting by our garage door just waiting to be taken to Goodwill.  I will be so happy when our never-ending mountain of clothes is cut in half!

3.  Last weekend was Sean's grandpa's birthday so we're heading over to his grandparent's house this weekend.  It's been a while since we've spent time with them, and we're both really excited.  We always take for granted that he has so much family in town, while a majority of mine is an 8 hour drive away!  

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.