Get Your Hopes Up

Get Your Hopes Up
Get Your Hopes Up by Chelcey Tate on

I have a tendency to get emotionally attached to things fairly quickly.  Future creative business plans, new potential homes, cute puppies who need a loving home ... On one hand, I've always loved this part of my personality.  It says that I'm driven, ambitious and passionate.  It also creates an environment in my life where I'm easily let down and disappointed if things don't go the way that I had originally planned.

I call it fixation, others may call it obsession, but getting easily attached to an idea or a dream is a very hopeful experience.  It's the butterflies in my stomach, the unwavering faith that the certain something I'm focusing all of my mental energy on is actually going to happen.  Does it always end up happening the way I've pictured it in my head?  Well, I think you and I both know the answer to that question. 

Getting your hopes up is a scary thing, but so freeing at the same time.  Free of fear, other's opinions and self doubt.  It's trusting your gut, trusting God's timing and hoping for the very best.  It's talking things into the ground, lovingly saying I told you so when you will that certain thing to happen by doing just that, and the validity in knowing that your intuition ... that your gut, was right on target.  

Here's to getting fixated on your dreams, hoping for the best and taking a blind leap of faith.  Big, exciting things are up ahead for us both and I don't know about you, but I can't wait. 

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Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.