Chambray, Stripes + A Grateful Heart

Photos by Haaken Reed

Sometimes I sit down to write a post about an outfit, and everything that comes out of my head doesn't feel like me. The pressure to write what everyone else is writing is a very huge thing when it comes to putting yourself out there on the world wide web, and that's something that I've made the choice not to participate in. What's the point of pouring all of your time and energy into something if you're not going to truly show who you are, and what you're about?

So, let's be real here, shall we? Fashion isn't really my thing, but I love documenting my personal style in this space ... I wear this hat probably more than I should (here and here), these jeans don't fit nearly as well as they did 6 months ago, and this top was bought last season and found at the very back of my closet because I totally forgot about it (+ I wear the same four striped t-shirts on rotation most of the time #sorrynotsorry) ... Sometimes the struggle is very real, but you know what? Life would be a whole lot less interesting (and fun) if things were perfect all the time, and I'm so grateful for that.

I'm linking up with Ember Grey today via "Grateful Heart", and I couldn't think of a more appropriate time than the start of the holiday season. Out of all of the things to be grateful for in this moment, I'm grateful that I have this incredible platform to share my story with you. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be completely honest, to share the good stuff (and the not so good stuff), and to show up to this space like I have today and write what feels right. What are you grateful for in your life today?

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey