October: Instagram + Favorite Posts



90's Vibes // If there's one thing in the fashion world that I thought I'd never own, it's a denim vest. Well, ladies and gentleman, I bring you the cutest darn denim vest I've ever seen! Be sure to check out my official "Fall Uniform" which basically consists of Madewell and my favorite black booties that you'll be seeing a lot more of.

Love Grows Best In Little Houses // Sean and I recently downsized to a new place (two doors from where we were living ... easiest move ever!) and we feel more at home here than any other place we've lived.  This post delves into the heart of why love grows best in little houses.  

The Maiedae Mixer // Oh, how I love the Maiedae Mixer! This was the second year that I've attended this event in Atlanta, and this past year was even better than the last! I met a few new friends, caught up with a few old ones and had a great night hanging out with other creative ladies! This post goes into more details of the event + one of my favorite outfits!