Chelcey Tate x Madewell Spring Pop-Up

Chelcey Tate x Madewell Spring Pop-Up

And just like that, it's Monday! This past weekend I hosted an event at Madewell, and it always feels like the most natural collaboration when I'm able to work with them! Y'all, I basically live in this store ... It's no secret that it's one of my favorites, so when they reached out about hosting another event just like the one I did last Fall, how could I say no!? 

The event was centered around Derby event inspired looks that I put together from pieces around the store, and I brought some of my products from Chelcey Tate Designs along with me, too! It was a totally laid back day complete with sweet friends, macaroons, and connecting with the seriously awesome people in Louisville who happen to follow along with my crazy life. In all seriousness though, connecting with you all face to face is one of my favorite parts of what I do! 

Now, before I lead you to believe that this was a day that went totally according to plan, let me burst that pretty little picture in your head real quick. 🙈 The day started with brunch with some of my oldest friends bright and early, and right after that my friend Amanda came back to the house with me while I took my sweet time to get everything together. I wanted to get to the store about an hour before the event was supposed to start, but come on people ... You know me better than that by now! 

It was 5 minutes passed the time I wanted to be there, and I realized that somewhere between us moving and unpacking, I had misplaced my credit card reader. Let's just say a minor freak out followed that realization! Amanda and I rushed to Target to pick up a Square reader while my brother-in-law started to get things ready for me at Madewell. Oh, and did I mention that Sean happened to be out of town while all of this was happening? No wonder I was running behind! That man is literally the only reason I'm on time for anything if we're being honest. 😅

To make what has turned into a super long story short, let's just say that I'm too chill for my own good. I read somewhere that the most creative people are always late for everything, and I'm just going to keep clinging to that fact! It may have been a total mess of a morning on my end, but hey, I'm nothing if not consistent! My mom literally told me over on the phone while all of this was happening that at least I was on brand by running a bit late. Hey, everything always ends up working out perfectly in the end! And with that I say ... If it ain't broke, don't fix it, am I right? 😂

So, now that you have a totally accurate representation of how much of a hot mess I am most of the time, let's continue, shall we? Last fall when I hosted my first Madewell event, I hardly captured any photos outside of a single Instagram shot ... This time around, I wanted to be sure I was able to share the experience with everyone who doesn't live nearby! I put together a few photos the night before the event in the store (not without a fair share of random looks from customers passing by 😅) to make sure I could share my favorite looks that I styled with you! All of the outfit details are linked right below the photo. 😘

Chelcey Tate x Madewell Spring Pop-Up

Outfit details: Dress / Shoes / Bandana 

Chelcey Tate x Madewell Spring Pop-Up

Outfit details: Top / Shorts / Sandals / Necklace

For the fellow momma-to-be

I really do think I'm going to miss these little extra notes for the momma's who are following along and going through this journey of dressing a bump with me! Madewell, believe it or not, has remained my favorite store even through my pregnancy! Their maternity jeans are THE BOMB (seriously, I've been praising these things since I was 8 weeks along), and their new spring line comes with no short of bump friendly pieces. Between the flowy tanks and tees we all love, and the dresses I've been preaching about that cinch in right above your belly, I guarantee you'll find something you'll be able to love now and even after your little one is in your arms. 

Chelcey Tate x Madewell Spring Pop-Up

Outfit details: Dress / Necklace / Bracelet / Bag

Chelcey Tate x Madewell Spring Pop-Up

Outfit details: Dress / Necklace / Shoes

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