22 Week Bumpdate

22 Week Bumpdate
22 week bumpdate + maternity style via www.chelceytate.com

Can someone please explain to me how we're already (more than) halfway through this pregnancy!? I had the best intentions of blogging through every other week, but let's be real here, things have been crazy. Not to mention life rarely goes according to plan when you're talking about walking into the unknown!

Even though it sounded great to keep up with every little detail as it was happening, we decided to make this year the time for all the big life changes. From welcoming our first baby to buying our first home ... to say there's been a lot going on is a major understatement! We're trying our best to 'live in the moment' (as cheesy as that may sound), and soak all of these blessings in as much as possible while they're unfolding. So, without further ado, here's the latest scoop on our sweet little one!


Announcing whether this babe is a little boy or girl! We've been talking through nursery plans, looking at all the baby stuff when we're out, and we're reading up on random things like how to ease the transition with our Kodah ... As the weeks pass it gets more and more real, and I think with that we just keep getting more and more excited! 


Real sushi, sleeping on my stomach, and all of my peplum tops! I had bought a few before this bump was truly a bump, and thought they'd be perfect. Who knew that trying to wear a peplum tee with a baby in your belly would look so absolutely ridiculous. 😅 


So. Much. Movement. This baby is pretty much guaranteed to be as energetic as me and Sean, and has a serious future as a soccer star. For real, though ... I feel like I'm getting kicked day and night! But honestly? I wouldn't have it any other way. It's so reassuring to feel the constant movement!

I could really feel the baby moving around 14 weeks, and Sean could feel the kicks around 19 weeks. Over the last few days, we've both seen my belly bouncing around, and there's no way to describe it other than totally crazy. Like, there's a tiny human the size of a spaghetti squash just moving around the entire length of my torso. No big deal. 😂

22 week bumpdate + maternity style via www.chelceytate.com


We've continued our Saturday morning "tradition" of checking the apps on my phone to see how big the baby has grown each week. We had our big anatomy ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, and they said that the baby is growing / measuring right on schedule, and everything looked perfect!

I was getting a little nervous because I haven't actually gained any weight yet. I lost about 14 pounds in the first trimester from killer morning sickness, and I've yet to gain all of it back. Thankfully my doctor wasn't concerned at all, and said that everything is right on track! 


I'm feeling much better than I was up until 18 weeks (#morningsickness), and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again! I don't know if y'all have noticed by the increase in posts around here, but my energy is pretty much back in full swing! I'm still getting sick every other day or so, but it's totally related to sinus issues built up in the back of my throat rather than truly being nauseous. Helllllo spring in Kentucky! This pollen is no joke, y'all. 

Even though my energy is back up, I'm still feeling pretty wiped out most of the time. I'm used to sleeping on my stomach, and with this growing bump that's not really an option anymore. It's been tough to get comfortable at night, and I've been sleeping super lightly. It probably doesn't help that I often wake up to the baby kicking or bouncing from having the hiccups, either! 

22 week bumpdate + maternity style via www.chelceytate.com


No crazy cravings! I'm actually super surprised by this, because if there was one thing I was totally prepared for it was insane cravings. I've been drinking a ton of orange juice, lemonade, and eat too many clementines in a day to count, so I guess you could say that citrus would be high on that list? Nothing totally off the wall to report, though. 


The only thing that never sounds good anymore is pizza. I feel so bad for Sean because it's literally his favorite, but I'm just not about it lately. 😂


Um, yeah. This BUMP. 😍 It's growing everyday, and I really felt like I had "popped" around 18 weeks. It went from looking like I had too many tacos to a fully formed (and hard!) baby bump. Sean and I noticed my crazy looking belly button last night (please don't pop out, please don't pop out ...), and it was freaking us both out big time. 😂 Still no weight gain on the scale as I mentioned before, but as long as baby is healthy I'm totally fine with that! 😉

22 week bumpdate + maternity style via www.chelceytate.com

Thanks for following following along + catching up with us, friends! 


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