Cozy Rainy Day Vibes

Cozy Rainy Day Vibes
Cozy rainy day vibes via

Is it just Louisville, or has it been raining for three weeks straight everywhere else, too?  All of this dreary weather has me in a similar funk to the one I get in when Winter comes around.  Seasonal mood disorder?  Self diagnosis?  The struggle is real.  Whatever it is, I am so not a fan!  I have to say though, at least we're dealing with rain and 80 degree weather rather than weeks full of snow and ice!

Now that I've officially gone on a rant about everything concerning the weather, let's get to the good stuff, shall we?  Like how this dress that my mom thrifted was only a few dollars, or how the constant rain gives me the perfect excuse to wear my hair in a permanent top knot.  Not to mention that this knit kimono is officially one of the most comfortable things that I own!  This outfit has been on my go-to list for the last couple of weeks (#1 outfit repeater girl), and I'm not complaining one bit!  Happy Saturday!  


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