Leather Details

Date nights are few and in-between in our house during the Winter. Mainly because I hate the cold, but also because we'd much rather curl up on the couch to watch one of our favorite shows than go out and deal with a ton of people on any given Friday night. Even the restaurant in our complex has become a go-to spot for everyone on this side of town! Is nothing sacred anymore!? 

Too much? Yeah, I thought so. Anyways, when date nights do happen, this outfit has become my go-to! We've had a pretty mild Winter up until now, so I don't imagine I'll be sporting this look without tights after this blizzard nonsense that's happening in Louisville right now, but it's perfect for those warmer Winter days.

Both the sweater dress and the jacket have awesome leather details, and I don't know about you, but wearing anything leather instantly makes me feel edgier than I actually am, and I'm all about that! Now if only I was one of those girls that could actually wear leather leggings without looking like my legs are busted cans of biscuits, and we'd be good to go! No body-shaming over here - I just know my limits. ;)

Apparently I'm feeling quite sassy today; blame the leather? Yeah, we'll go with that, and not the fact that I haven't interacted with another human being face to face (aside from my husband) in about four days. I'll wrap this up by saying that this dress takes two people to zip, as in, I literally texted my mom because I was stuck in the dress and Sean was out ... More power to those who live alone because I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle trying to unzip this thing. Also, this jacket is my favorite. What's your favorite date night look? Does wearing leather put an extra pep in your step?