Merry Christmas With Minted

Something that I've been looking forward to since Sean and I got married is starting annual family traditions. It may have something to do with how documented everything is this day in age, but I feel like everyone is taking a step back. Handwritten notes are coming back, snail mail is making an appearance in my mailbox more often than not, and with all of the crazy technology popping up every two seconds, we’re craving to get back to the basics. At least that’s how I’m feeling lately …  

Being in the design/paper/writing/creative world that I’m in, it was a no brainer that we decided to start the tradition of sending out Christmas cards. Earlier this year when I attended the Maiedae Mixer, the art and stationary company Minted decided to bless each of us attendees by covering the cost of our Christmas cards this year … How awesome is that? Not to mention there are few companies, if any, that I would turn to before Minted for this sort of thing. They handled our wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invites, and save the dates without missing a beat.

Merry Christmas With Minted

Sean and I spent the better half of our night at my parent’s house tonight, mainly because they have their tree up, and my mom’s a much better photographer than my tripod. As usual, a quick 15 minute stop turned into a few hours. When I showed my mom our Christmas cards, she jokingly mentioned that she was expecting some sort of message on the back, or just something a little more. Now, don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with the design of them, but me totally overlooking that we may want to say a little bit more than just “Merry Christmas”. 

I laughed it off, and probably responded with something like “Ain’t nobody got time for that”, but that’s exactly the mentality that I’m trying to steer clear of. I want to take in the extra moments to let those closest to us know that we’re here, we’re thinking of them, and we truly hope that they’re doing well. After that conversation with my mom, I’ve decided to embrace how simple the (adorable) cards are that we chose, and write a personalized note to every person getting a card from us this year. By taking those extra few moments to write something from the heart, it will mean loads more than just getting a card with our faces on them.

Speaking of faces, how amazing is this illustration from the crazy talented Lux & Trip? I could not have asked for a sweeter image to lead us into our first holiday season as husband and wife. If you’re looking for the perfect personalized gift, or just want a classic portrait for yourself, Kristen is your girl! 

So, sweet friends, the moral of this post is to remind you to slow down this holiday season. It may seem like there’s a million things to be done … Christmas presents to be bought, holiday parties to attend, but don’t forget to go back to the basics by sending out your Christmas cards with Minted this year. Oh, and did I mention that I’ve partnered with Minted to hopefully cover the cost of your Christmas cards this year? Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win $100 towards anything that your heart desires from holiday cards to framed artwork. What would you get if you won?